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Car seat covers

Car seat covers are made from very durable fabric, materials, and are tailored by the original seat.

They are lined with 8mm foam, are impenetrable for dust and fit closely to the seat.

You can choose from different fabrics: Rep, microfiber, alcantara, artificial leather, skai leather, etc.

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Car carpets

Car carpets are tailored exactly by the vehicle floor and are a mix of polypropylene, the bottom part is rubberized.

Car carpets don’t slide due to the stitched Velcro or fastening plastic.

They are made in sets with two-piece back carpets, one-piece back carpets and carpets for the luggage compartment.

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Other products

Upholstering of various seats

We provide upholstering for seats of motorcycles, scooters, machinery, and sewing various custom-made cushions.

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